We don't have a crystal ball about where electricity prices are headed in the next few years. But we do have 2020 vision about one thing.

We know that many high energy-load customers are currently looking for ways to manage their electricity costs and secure stable sources of back-up power for their facilities.


To provide and promote advanced energy technology and services that support the economic well-being of our customers and the communities we serve.

At Grand River Energy Solutions Corp, we can help. We work with institutional, commercial, and industrial customers to promote advanced energy technology solutions in order to meet their energy management goals.



We’re GRE, a generation and renewable energy solutions company. Our top priority is to help customers reach their energy management goals by tapping into the benefits of clean energy technology.

When your business is considering an advanced energy technology solution, it's always important to hire the right team.



What are some examples of advanced energy technology solutions?

Solar Net Metering — With the FIT and MicroFIT programs coming to an end, our customers are looking to solar array generation net metering solutions to meet their management targets.


Virtual Net Metering — allows generation credits earned in one location to be applied against energy consumption in another location.


Energy Storage — Customers are looking more and more to be less reliant on the energy grid. Batteries when combined with generation technology can be discharged during peak periods to reduce peak demand or used as a backup or even for islanding purposes.


Sub-metering — Customers are looking to advanced metering solutions to better manage and analyze their energy consumption.


Electric Vehicle Charging — Electric vehicles are already here and becoming more and more prevalent. Electrical vehicle infrastructure is needed to grow this industry.


Cogeneration technology — also known as combined heat and power (CHP) — is a pretty simple idea. Using natural gas as a fuel source, on-site generators deliver clean electricity, while waste heat is captured and stored for heating and cooling purposes.



GRE is a new joint venture between Cambridge and North Dumfries Energy Solutions Inc., Kitchener Power Corp., and Waterloo North Hydro Holding Corporation, the same corporations that bring electricity distribution to the Region through:

Energy+ Inc
Kitchener-Wilmot Hydro Inc
Waterloo North Hydro