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Grand River Energy is your gateway to decarbonization. We specialize in offering cutting-edge, environmentally friendly energy solutions that enable businesses, public organizations, and communities to embrace low-carbon alternatives.

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Your Full-Service Energy Transition Partner

Let us take care of everything from capital and design to construction and maintenance, while you concentrate on your core business/operations. We are committed to making your transition to green energy as seamless as possible, for as long as it takes, by addressing all your energy needs through a single partnership.

Our key target markets include:


Public/ Institutional Facilities


Commercial/Industrial Facilities


Multi-Unit Residential Building


Fleet Decarbonization

Our Expertise

At Grand River Energy, our green energy solutions are tailored to meet your unique and diverse needs. As a technology-agnostic organization, we prioritize finding the right solutions for each client, delivering maximum efficiency with the lowest environmental impact.

Whether you’re a business looking to reduce your carbon emissions, a public organization committed to sustainability, or a community striving for a greener future, we are here to support and guide you every step of the way.


Cut your energy bills, take control of your costs (budget certainty) and energy security, and reach your sustainability targets by generating electricity on site.

Heating and Cooling

Update your legacy HVAC system into an energy- and climate-conscious one utilizing the latest technologies in air and ground source heat pumps, combined heat and power, biomass heating and more.

Energy Storage

Achieve total energy independence with versatile energy storage solutions. Store electricity, build micro-grids, power quality, and eliminate power disruptions all while saving money.

EV Charging

Slash your fleet’s carbon footprint and generate income by making the switch to electric.

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