Aviva Park Solar PV Acquisition


Using GRE’s acquisition strength and resources, we acquired a large solar project in 2018 located in the Aviva Business Park in Vaughan. The project had initially been developed and built by Ozz Solar. It ran for over 3  years before GRE acquired the FIT contract.

In 2020, the roof needed to be replaced and provided an excellent opportunity to remove solar PV panels, conductors and DC contacts for cleaning and refurbishment. Working with the building owner, their roofing contractor and multi-trade contractor Arcadian Projects that specializes on Distributed Energy Resources, GRE completed the R & R project. The remove and replace (R&R) project scope, completed by Arcadian Projects, included removal and refurbishment of existing solar panels and associated parts and updating of electrical components to current code. The project is set to be complete mid-July 2020, in time for a few more months of sunny, revenue-generating weather.

GRE works with Arcadian on many energy projects. As a DER & Industrial Trades contractor, they continually bring value to customers with their knowledge and expertise of DER’s and their team of in-house certified trades, who build and maintain their DER’s including CHP, solar PV and energy storage. This integration of both DER solutions and industrial trades provides significant value to customers with large electrical and thermal loads.

Renewable Energy

Aviva Park Drive, Vaughn

Project Ownership:
Grand River Energy FIT Contract

Project Type:
500kW Flat Roof Solar