DER Services to build your project

We develop, acquire, and build our own projects, and can help you do the same for your DER projects.

GRE’s affiliate company Arcadian Projects is a self-performing trade services company focused on serving Power System needs in the Energy and Industrial markets.

The GRE & Arcadian Projects teams provide a unique advantage to Power System owners and operators. Our team of in-house certified trades, design technicians, project managers, engineers, and energy professionals work together every step of the way to deliver comprehensive projects in DER’s (Generation & Storage), Industrial Process, and multi-trade services.

Our DER service capabilities include:


Energy Storage


Operation & Maintenance



ARCADIAN PROJECTS is an energy installation design–build company with a complete in-house team of contract administration, design technicians, project managers, and certified skilled trades with over 20 years of electrical, mechanical, and project installation experience in industrial systems and renewable energy. As a sustainable energy solutions company, Arcadian is passionate about helping organizations create their own power, use less energy, optimize energy usage, and benefit from government incentives to drastically reduce their operational costs and carbon footprint.

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